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LIVE and records in the archives

  • daily primetime 8-10 p.m. (CET) German

  • and other broadcasts and events
  • English-language broadcasts irregular

You will receive inspiration and contact with speakers.

LIVE to speak with or ask
from person to person Mumble-Video

  • per Chat
  • on the phone or via video conference
  • with the broadcast software Mumble or OKiMEET

You contribute your voice directly LIVE.


design your own programs
and moderated LIVE broadcast

Present your topic, your expertise or your story

  • Prepare your broadcast, Titel, Artikeltext, Skript
    und Musik (LIVE ist bei OKiTALK alles erlaubt.)
  • Check your Sound (and perhaps your image)
    Microphone and camera, scene, mask, light ...
  • Install Mumble and configure it
    or you learn to use OKiMEET
  • Broadcast LIVE from your computer (also from cell phone),
    from our studio in Vienna or from anywhere
  • Broadcast LIVE via video conference OKiMEET

You get the entire OKiTALK audience.

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Benefit permanently from the OKiTALK website (your broadcast in the OKiTALK archive and as a YouTube video (also Lbry) ...

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  • Master the sound engineering!
  • Run the cameras, the lights and the direction!
  • Cut videos. !
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