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Welcome to OKiTALK
The interactive radio and TV portal!

Writing was yesterday, talking is today.
Talking about the writing is very important today.
Everyone perceives written or spoken words differently.

Many people think that the media are based on consumption, that is, we hear the radio and we see and hear the TV.
OKiTALK is interactive - Radio and TV can talk and is therefore alive.

Here you have the opportunity to make your own radio or even TV. Just join in with the programs that come from us humans. And all is for free. Your PC, your computer, notebook, netbook and even your smartphone and whatever, is your studio and so you can, if you like live on OKiTALK live or mix in the live broadcasts.

Well, have you become curious now? Then just get in.

For the best live experience, just go to the Download section and choose your Mumble client for your operating system.

We look forward to great conversations and broadcasts from person to person at OKiTALK.

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