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Windows Portable:



Android Plumble:
Download on Playstore

Iphone Mumble:
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Installation Ubuntu Linux:

Please switch to the shell first and enter the following commands there:

# sudo apt-get install mumble

RHEL / Cent: # sudo yum install mumble


Answers are provided by the voice chat rules, as well as by the team of OKiTALK

1. If you enter our voice chat, listen to something first.

2. Meet other people with respect and courtesy.

3. Violence, drug-glorification, -sexist pornographic representations as well as racist, -personal offensive utterances are not tolerated and lead without warning to exclusion from our voice / chat room. These can be prosecuted.

4. The introduction of concrete advertisement of the own enterprise, products and services is permitted in own shipments. Outside of this, for example in other broadcasts, open talks, in the text chat, this is to be omitted.

5. Shots require the consent of OKiTALK and basically affects all OKiTALK Mumble rooms. Violations can lead to immediate deletion of the account! The copyright lies with OKiTALK / the organizer / the broadcast guest.

6. The moderators are advised to react if problems arise in dealing with each other or with the above rules.

7. Every user who designs and moderates their own program is solely responsible for its contents.

8. Personal avatars including the user images and texts in the "C" are to be kept as small as possible and must not exceed the dimension of 500x500 pixels. A comparison of the maximum permitted dimension can be made via the image in the foyer description. Different advertisements will be deleted by OKiTALK without prior notice.

9. Our information (broadcasts and so on) are basically without guarantee of correctness, completeness ... You may, you can, but you do not have to believe them. Please research yourself. Please note that you are solely responsible for your statements.

Adm = Administrators -Technical help, system maintenance and contact persons.
Team = Team members - Contact for general questions.

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