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Vita system and TCM. With ancient healing knowledge and modern information medicine for sustainable stress reduction

Stress as a lack of energy

The basic principle of disease causation in TCM is always the same; First, there must be an imbalance between yin and yang. The type of disorder is, as in the example of stress, the direct consequence of the dysfunctional energy supply. Take the so-called Zang or Yin organs. These are storage organs such as the spleen, liver, heart, lungs and kidneys, which form Qi, store and transform, and bring it into the body through the blood. A dysfunction or deficiency in these organs leads to a blockade of qi. Such blockages have a cascade of other disturbances that inevitably affect the psyche, because of course, Qi also determines how we feel, think and act.

6a4aa8624b63bf1617f8664eef7515b755ce43aa.jpgThe typical acute stress response affects physiology, psyche and behavior. The raging pulse, the increased respiratory rate, the dry mouth or the increased sweat production are typical physical signs. Negative feelings (such as fear), catastrophic thoughts ("I can not do that") or blinders (for example, thinking blocks) are typical psychological signs. In behavior, one is irritable, hectic, cramped or insecure. By contrast, in chronic stress reactions, such symptoms may increase or reverse. People with burnout have e.g. either a permanently elevated pulse or cortisol level or a persistently low pulse or cortisol level. They either panic or become lethargic. Precisely if typical reaction patterns do not occur, this is a sign that a very strong state of exhaustion has already been reached.

Cell stress: stress cause on the smallest functional unit

The cell is the smallest functional unit without which health is not possible. The cell is physically vibrational beyond its material components (nucleus, cytoplasm, protons, neutrons, etc.). In TCM, this vibration is called Qi. Vibrations can be measured. All cells with a cell nucleus have a natural vibration of up to 400 Hz. Chronic stress disturbs this natural vibration. The disturbance manifests itself first in an energy deficit, later in impairment of function and finally in structural changes (damage). What was formulated in the classic works of the yellow emperor nearly 5,000 years ago as the cornerstone of TCM is thus biophysically provable today, even though there may be semantic differences between the Chinese conception of Qi and physically defined cell frequency patterns.

Modern stressors

In contrast or in addition to TCM's view that stress and burnout is Yang's overactivity due to a one-sided lifestyle, the sources of causation need to be broadened today than they were 5000 years ago. We live in an essentially highly technical and therefore artificial environment, which has a great stress-causing and pathogenic effect on our body. For example, consider only to the pulsed electromagnetic fields, the geoengineering or the genetic manipulation of the food. All of these factors are biophysically considered to be energy with destructive interference, ie harmful frequency patterns that affect cell health. Here comes the TCM with otherwise excellent therapeutic successes to their limits, because exogenous influences act on Qi, but do not arise in the body itself.

Together into the future: TCM and Vita System

The traditional TCM is by no means closed to new technologies. On the contrary, it is looking for ways to complement it. That's why China's leading TCM Science and Technology Cooperation Center (CATCM) partnered with Swiss-based SwissMedTech Solutions (SMTS) to combine Chinese healing knowledge with the findings of modern informational medicine. The reason is simple. The Vita system developed by SMTS compensates for destructive interference by constructive interference, regardless of the source of the stress. In other words, the Vita system balances yin and yang, reducing the symptoms of stress and burnout.

This is how the Vita system works


The Vita system consists of several so-called Vita chips, consisting of microscopic minerals and metal oxides (such as magnetite, calcite), on which the optimized reference information of 1300 healthy meridians is stored. Electromagnetic frequencies, e.g. those of a mobile phone, potentiate the effect of the Vita system, so that it can be created in their own habitat (eg flat) an optimized energy field. People who suffer from typical stress symptoms are able to recover in the shortest possible time. Also disturbances of the vegetativum or even pain are clearly mitigated, as published scientific studies confirm. Dr. Wang, the head of the CATCM, has tested the Vita System in initial series of tests and found that it is particularly powerful when applied to classic reflex points. The activation of these points via the information stored on the Vita system programs important energy paths so that the Qi flows optimally. These empirical findings are groundbreaking, because they show that mechanical activation, e.g. Acupuncture is not necessary to achieve therapeutic effects. Conversely, we learn that the effect of the Vita system seems to go far beyond what has been assumed so far about information-medical effects. It can be purely informative way e.g. Balance deficiencies or detoxify cell. Both are often the result of a chronic stress disorder or a burnout syndrome.

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