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The Wyzard of Odd #16 | Bryan Lahr - Exorcism and Sex Magick - Tuesday 9th June 2020 from 4PM


It’s a sacred rite in many cultures. It is a form of ritual designed to expel and astral being that has taken control of a person or place. There are many emotional and mental anomalies that often get mistaken for a real possession. However there are true cases of people being spiritually abducted.

The people that perform this right study for many many years to learn this craft. It is a ritual brought with danger for everyone involved. The spirit that’s taken over rarely wants to leave freely. We’ll discuss some different versions, from different parts of the world. And we’ll look at a few cases of a a real exorcism.


Sex Magick

Sex magic is a means to an end, a way to mobilize the amazing creative power of sexual energy to generate a desired result. Basically, you do sex magic for the same reasons you would do any other type of magic: to cause something you desire to happen. Your goal might be to promote healing or attract money or achieve spiritual enlightenment. When you add sexual energy, you increase the intensity of a magic spell. It's like adding more octane to gasoline. A little talked about spicy brand of magick. We’ll discuss what it is and isn’t and how to get results using this technique. OOOOOO la la.

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