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"State censorship": Network Enforcement Act

Dear Readers,

The dictatorship of opinion or the censorship of the state is increasing in scale! Government critics and others have to bow to a muzzle dictum that has never existed in Europe, nor in Germany. At least not since the end of the Second World War!

"State censorship": Network Enforcement Act

You certainly remember the so-called Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG, law to improve law enforcement in social networks, including Facebook law).

This law was passed by the Bundestag exactly one year ago, in June 2017. Officially, it is directed against hate and fake news, so fake messages in social networks. It aims to build a democratic culture of communication and protect hate crime groups and individuals.

Heiko Maas against the social networks

The state, in persona of the then Minister of Justice and today's Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, went the cancellation of hate comments & Co. by the social networks not far enough.

According to a study, although YouTube has deleted 90 percent of the criminal content, Facebook only 39 percent. And Twitter only one percent. Therefore, according to the reasoning, the law had to come from.

"German fear" and Donald Trump

Another reason Maas said. As you know, in 2016 Donald Trump won the presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton. Of course, this did not fit in with the local politics and the mainstream media.

For that reason, Maas said they had bad experiences with fake news in the US election campaign. Behind this, of course, is the fear of the populists, who are getting stronger, especially in Eastern and Southern Europe.

Hatred comments have always existed

But hate comments have been around since the Internet. Just as insults and threats. Even I can sing a song of that! So far no state has taken care of it.

If insults and threats meet a criminal offense, then they were prosecuted after a complaint. And that's good too and above all, that's right.

The citizens are increasingly opposing EU and government policies

But now suddenly it fits the political establishment no longer in the junk, see their skins swim. After all, people are no longer in agreement with the EU, EU and refugee policies imposed from above. Not even with the increasing saber-rattling against Russia.

That leads to harsh population criticism on those up there. And therefore this must be tackled by the "people's representatives" hard. By all means. And under the guise of fighting fake news and hate comments.

NetzDG violates fundamental rights

What Maas & Co., however, remain silent until today: The NetzDG massively violates the fundamental right to freedom of the press and opinion! Reporters Without Borders criticized it.

At that time, the German Journalists Association (DJV) called on Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier not to sign the law. For that freedom of expression is not sufficiently protected.

Even the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Speech stated that this law endangers human rights!

In Part 2, I show you how state-compliant and state-obedient extinguishing culture works. And how alternative opinions are silenced.

Always remember: you have a right to the truth

Kind regards

Doris Serra

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