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The Wyzard of Odd #9 | Bryan Lahr - Music Miraclulum - Tuesday 3rd March 2020 from 4PM CET

This week we're going to examine the miraculous power of music. To heal, to inspire and to communicate in a pure and visceral form. Will look at different styles of music around the world. Will dive into tunings, crystal singing bowls and the Solfeggio healing tones. And we’ll throw in a couple of contemporary inspirational tunes as well. We will examine how each word, every name has its own intrinsic musical sequence, that have vibrations that enhance and assist your energy work.

The infinite depth point, a super useful tool in astral traveling, will be discussed. We will also take a dive into the Tarot deck and do a reading. And as always, expect some unexpected topics and perhaps a guest visitor or two. It'll be a Super Tuesday!

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