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The Russian knowledge of Grigori Grabovoi © is just right for the New Era, when we often have the impression that we are helplessly shaken by the waves of world events

With this knowledge, we come back to the certainty that it is we who direct reality - whether consciously or unconsciously.

Accordingly, our experiences and events will happen - because if we do not consciously direct ourselves, others steer us.

We all know the good news that we are all children of God - that is, images of the Creator - but we all seem to have forgotten how "scooping" works.

In the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, you will learn how to become the creator who you are. In itself it's easy - but we have to train certain conditions for it, like a muscle that we did not know we had and what it should be good for.

In our present time, when most people are looking for "diversion", sitting down to the TV after work to consume some entertainment, we have forgotten what concentration is.
But exact concentration is demanded by the technologies of us. on all levels - with all our three brains, head, stomach and heart!
Grigori Grabovoi also asks us to re-learn, to focus on several things simultaneously - our goal, technology, etc.

Incidentally, the Heart Math Institute has proved that it is our heart that radiates the strongest and most far-reaching frequencies (miles) and it is our heart energies that have the largest and most sweeping effects! A realization that gives reason for thinking and for hope.

Some even feel awed shyness when he makes himself aware of this power - and rightly so.

Grigori Grabovoi's technologies are said to have done wonders: teeth have been regrown, organs that have been removed have been regrown, blood pressure and hormone levels have been rebalanced using these methods and much more.

And it's true: Such things are possible and have happened!
Quantum technology and the new sciences are in the process of providing scientific explanations for this.
However, it usually requires strong will, the power of concentration, and the stamina to continue with the steering until the result is fully achieved and stabilized.

At present, we live under a condition of the time lag between cause and effect, which incidentally has been given to us for our own protection:
As long as we can not control our unconscious "(re) actions, can not yet control our feelings and thoughts, that is also lucky!

Alone, when I imagine how many motorists have often wished other road users "to the moon", otherwise this would probably already be overpopulated (and I would be up there ....).

That's why "being conscious" is very important in directing the reality, and once we've learned that, the steering will work faster and faster, and that's my experience.

Therefore, I can confirm that the following saying is very true:

"There is no realist who denies miracles."

Seminar appointment with Gertraude Dittenbach and Alda Violetta Koller:
Saturday, 09. and Sunday, 10. June 2018 10:00 - 18:00 clock
Seminar fee: € 245, - (reduction with Alvital Club Card)
1130 Vienna (request) Registration required:

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