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#TEAMrabbithole 38 | Krasimir Kolev - Bashar Space-Time Antenna - Monday 10th February from 10PM CET

Shivai! The interest in free energy devices has surged as we are crossing over into the Age of Aquarius. Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, had delivered specific instructions for home-made construction of a so-called Space-Time-Antenna. Although not initially expected to power your appliances, it is supposed to serve as an initiation to the understanding of how to harness the invisible forces surrounding us in a measurable way. As Bashar reminds us, all potentials and beliefs are accessed through imagination, and anchored into physical reality by acting on our highest excitement. Synchronistically, Krasimir's excitement has been to re-construct and test such Space-Time-Antenna's, an exploration that may serve us all in understanding the unlimited availability of energy given proper alignment.$/invite/@TEAMrabbithole:9

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