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#TEAMrabbithole 24 | Samuel Barnes - Wisdom Weavers - Monday 27th January 2020 from 10PM CET

Samuel Barnes is a regenerative polymath, dedicated to the restoration of landscapes, the remediation of water, and the remembrance of ancestral voices.

As the founder of The Regenerates, he broadcasts breaking environmental news online, and serves up serenitea, communitea, and infinitea in the form of a gongfu cha service at galleries, parties, and festivals around his hometown of Brooklyn and across the world.

As the digital steward of Wisdom Weavers of the World, he serves as the voice of a council of indigenous elders and environmental advocates, who have together crafted an important message for humankind that will be shared widely with the release of their upcoming film.

He is a practicing western herbalist and passionate gardener, a daily practitioner of vipassana, a poet and storyteller, and a ceremonial musician and ecstatic DJ. He offers integrative tarot and astrology consultation to help all people from all walks of life come into greater alignment.$/invite/@TEAMrabbithole:9

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