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#TEAMrabbithole 20 | Gemini Brett Joseph "Cosmic Craft" - Wed 22nd January 2020 from 6PM

Brett’s gaze has been directed skyward since youth, but thick clouds of skepticism formed by the confines of scholastic scientism delayed his devotion to the astrological pursuit. Hindsight now clearly shows his childhood astronaut dreams and collegiate aeronautical engineering study were simply celestial signposts along the road to his calling. Even in the five years he spent chasing his saxophone around the country as a touring musician, wasn't he really just trying to become a star himself?

The world might not have ended in 2012, but Brett's certainly underwent a wholesale death and rebirth. He stumbled into his spiritual a-weird-ening through a synchronistic maze of mysteries that shattered the walls of skepticism and initiated an unquenchable thirst for the star songs heard in times before the written word. Brett's wonder has since led him through stone circles and cave cities, deep into the Amazonian jungle and high above the clouds of the Andes, atop the pyramids of the Mayan daykeepers and deep into the chambers of those in the Egyptian desert; adventures which continue to unlock intuitive abilities and inspire a unique astrological approach.

Gemini Brett is a leader in the movement to re-nature astrology by integrating our two-dimensional charts with the infinite living sky. He is a world-renowned astronomy-for-astrologers authority and inspiring educator of the astrological mysteries. Brett’s terrestrial translations of the celestial conversation, expressed through the ancient arts of sacred geometry, musical harmony, embodied astronomy, and number magic, activate seasoned sages as much as they initiate students new to the cosmic curriculum.

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