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ELECTRON - Magnetism Magnets Magnesium - ENERGY by Dieter Theodor Schall

Dieter a.d. Schall (including Sun. 3 July on OKiTALK) is an excellent connoisseur of magnetism and the effects of magnets and magnesium, etc. By incorporating the latest biophysical findings, he achieved an exceptional position and fascinated the audience and participants with his in-depth knowledge and his way of speaking. Now it is a big concern to him interested, therapists and NaturWissenScha "FF" ftler actively involved in workshops with!

On his path of self-healing, he self-taught the self-healing knowledge of the energy available to life on our earth. Meanwhile, many people benefited from his findings and developments.

All energy, including life energy, is transformed from the UPF (Universal Potential Field - the energy that penetrates the entire universe) through our solar system, our earth, and ultimately, through ourselves, into the energy that creates "life." The central role is played by the knowledge of Dieter Theodor while the magnetism, which was scientifically not yet "nature-related" and clearly explained - he shows and explains it to us vividly! Electrons cause the magnetism. These are "controlled" by our consciousness, the thought, the magnesium and germanium!

He has managed to explain the levitation and gravitation, as well as to represent it practically. Magnetism plays a central, elementally significant role. At this workshop, he introduces us to his findings. It is important to him that the participants align their thoughts with their thoughts, make their own pictures about the magnetism, share them with the participants and thus complete our picture.

For almost a year, he has presented his findings in lectures. Even well-known researchers and physicists have been able to understand his understanding of magnetism either only rudimentarily, as well as expand beyond his findings, even refute. According to Dieter Theodor, some previous "Free Energy Conversion Representations" may be a partial aspect of the process - the understanding of magnetism in the big and small can be the basis of the successful solution! His representations of levitation / gravitation in theory & practice can actually show his thoughts, thus acting!

Through his intensive, nature-related research, he has gained deep insights into the importance of magnesium. He shows us, embedded in his holistic understanding of nature, the key function of magnesium for all life and the life energy in particular. Through experiences made with the show of naturalists such. Viktor Schauberger has adjusted, it is now, for example. It is understandable why Viktor Schauberger rejected iron garden tools for soil cultivation. When implemented, it has now become possible e.g. to treat the magnesium chloride bioactively using a special process and to supply it optimally to our body. Many, including us at Bäckerhäusel, are now successfully using this unique magnesium oil, which can be obtained through the association.

His lectures are interesting for all people who are interested in nature, for people who want to keep their health responsible and comprehensible as well as for the "Free Energy Researchers". Let's get out of the "limitation of the science of mind" - the "creatively acting nature-knowledge-creates" and can show us the energy on the whole, the life energy, as well as their transformation for the technical use!

At the end of his lectures individual talks can be held to get deeper into the subject. In our therapy center at we successfully apply various of his developments.

Life, man, and ENERGY from a holistic point of view

ENERGY in general, as well as the preservation of health into old age, is the great challenge of the individual, as well as of society, due to demographic change and increased stress in many areas of life. As a result, self-reliance is becoming increasingly important. Likewise, a decentralized, ecologically sound energy conversion will become important. How can this be implemented for the individual?

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