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Update Hawaii !!! Please continue talking to the Earth with your Heart. Kilauea Volcano Hawaii.

Also around the Earth there are sounds recorded and quake Swarms.

Sometimes the sound is recordet right before the Earthquake happened.

So it looks like the earth is in a very turbulent phase.

The lave is now reaching the geothermal Plant starting to cover wells.

No matter wat the causes of the many Eqrtquakes are,

I recomend to continue to touch her with thoughts from your heart and please go outside with your family counciously barefoot and thank her for providing you an all levels.

She will help you as well.

A reminder from the last Article: turn your TV off at 8 pm in Germany Tagesthemen time, instead of being streamed with horroble thoughts and pictures from the News. Go outside for 3- 5 Minutes connect to your own unique spirit, the loving true creator of the natural creation and the earth with your heart.

Thanks to everyone helping.

Love you from my heart to yours.

Susen May

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    Wahrheit & Liebe - Herz und Friedensmeditation. - Wir Menschen sind - natürliche - liebende - ewige - souveräne - Schöpferwesen. Willkommen, Mein Name ist Susen May, seit dem Februar 2016 begebe ich mich jeden Tag immer 30 Minuten um 9 Uhr und 21 Uhr in die Stille meines Herzens, meines Geistes / Seele. Hier auf OKi TALK- Montags auf Deutsch und Freitags auf Englisch LIVE entweder um 21 oder 22 Uhr -22.45 Uhr. Die regelmäßige innere Einkehr und Stille, die Verbundenheit mit deinem Herzen, deinem Körper, deiner Seele, schafft eine essenzielle innere Ordnung. Ich begleite Euch in Euren inneren Frieden. Von meinem Herzen zu Eurem. Susen May .

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