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Invitation to the New Series on OKi TALK, trusting the loving Creator and our own existence.

What does the love for the true, loving creator of natural creation and therefore also for your own loving existence mean.

Does experiencing life trough the inner joy of your heart, create orientation in the outside.

To it is very real and true.

Many are longing for support and orientation in these challenging times.

The various currents in the outside seem to offer this stability.

But how important is our inner stability and what does it really mean?

The Series begins From 18.06.2018 every 2 weeks / every Monday in German and every Friday in English,

Beginning: 8 pm / after at 9 pm

Truth & Love - Heart & Peace Meditation.

I am glad about the possibility to do this with you regulary.

We discuss various central topics such as:

What is trust?

What is love ?

What do we trust in - what gives us stability?

What / What are our values?

What does trust and love have to do with inner peace?

What is an internal inventory - self-cleaning?

In which thoughts and actions does our energy go?

Revealing contradictions in one's life?

What are old habits old programming?

What does silence mean for us?

What does it mean to feel your inner core?

What does it mean to embody one's inner core?

The natural creation.

The loving creator (the source) of natural creation.

Much love, trust, strength, courage and joy in your existence and life.

From my heart to yours.

Susen May.

http://www.wahrheitundliebe.de / http://www.truthandlove.net


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    Wahrheit & Liebe - Herz und Friedensmeditation. - Wir Menschen sind - natürliche - liebende - ewige - souveräne - Schöpferwesen. Willkommen, Mein Name ist Susen May, seit dem Februar 2016 begebe ich mich jeden Tag immer 30 Minuten um 9 Uhr und 21 Uhr in die Stille meines Herzens, meines Geistes / Seele. Hier auf OKi TALK- Montags auf Deutsch und Freitags auf Englisch LIVE entweder um 21 oder 22 Uhr -22.45 Uhr. Die regelmäßige innere Einkehr und Stille, die Verbundenheit mit deinem Herzen, deinem Körper, deiner Seele, schafft eine essenzielle innere Ordnung. Ich begleite Euch in Euren inneren Frieden. Von meinem Herzen zu Eurem. Susen May .

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