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5 signs of development

Creative people exist in all regions!

That's why we create spaces that are different from the usual in business society.

On Maker Island, we want to learn to be independent,

to be free, to be affectionate, to be compassionate, to be creative,

to meet us siblingly and parental,

As a human being In peace, in evolution

To see conflicts with each other and needs as challenges that we master together.

The whole awareness and peace process should be fun and not be a burden for anyone.

In addition, very cheap! For each involved solidary people is the cost of 2 €!

Chain letters and snowball systems are OUT, *

And yet, an avalanche will roll, bringing us together, pooling our powers, creating new places of art and creativity -

That belong to all of us, where no one is marginalized - where it is decided by consensus -

where we celebrate our creative people by awarding a symbolic wreath -

Which is passed on at the next creative idea

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