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Harald Thiers - The fight behind the scenes - Live on 15.07.2019 From 20 o'clock on OKiTALK

According to statements of very well informed circles also the alternative scene is infiltrated to far more than 90%, whereby only very few people succeed to penetrate this jungle of disinformation and half-truths successfully and to arrive at the actual truth! If you are interested in understanding the true backgrounds of a very real war behind the scenes and to learn why the dark powers of Asia and the USA are now completely against the wall, why they declared war on the whole world on June 3, 2019, which other countries are to be occupied, why we will learn nothing about it in the mass media, why respectively how the dark system on earth will completely collapse in the next 2-3 months and what one should still do in time, then this lecture is exactly the right place for you.


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