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Comment by Hans Dampf: After his atomization attempt around the short mails

This much is clear: The ÖVP has

2017 the law on the restriction of election campaign expenses deliberately violated;

secretly collected donations from industrialists;

the donations were collected in such small tranches that the Court of Audit could be hoodwinked;

Money channelled through cloaking societies;

Tax money misused for the party like at the "family celebration";

and posts to donor families.

In addition there is the suspicion that Kurz and Blümel know more about Ibiza than their party would like.

Now Nehammer has made a partial confession in the case of the industrialist Ortner. But this is only the beginning. Kurz declared 2.1 million donations in 2017. Nehammer now admits 4.4 million. But there are still many millions missing. And some of the big investors from the immediate vicinity of the former chancellor.

If something goes wrong with Kurz, he hides behind Nehammer. Now, when more and more goes wrong, Nehammer dives down for the first time. And yet he has only just asked via video message in the net: "It is my request to you: Whatever you now find suspicious on the Internet that should discredit the People's Party, Sebastian Kurz, informs us!

Suddenly the new Kurz slogan sounds promising: "Our path has only just begun! (hd)

Cover photo: Karl Nehammer, ÖVP Secretary General confesses: ÖVP received considerably more election campaign donations than previously admitted. Photo: Alex Halada

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