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Dieter T. Schall - Energy by and large with Klaus Glatzel "Mein, DEIN, UNSER, SELBST-HEIL-SEIN" Live from 8 pm on

In physical life on Earth, everyone builds up his own "electron-magnetic-vibration-field" in the large FELD. FELD in capital letters is for him the morphogenetic "ether field", the oscillation field of the KOSMOS, the field of unlimited, self-determined possibilities. Whereby this SELF-determination would like to be aligned with the SEELE-Plan. In this our "FREE WILL" is limited, resp. to be deviations from the SOUL-Plan conditional from its "GOLDEN CENTRE". It is a perfect logical field for him, therefore the term "MORPHOLOGICAL FIELD" is the most consistent for him. Diseases, strokes of fate is the R-evolution of matter, of his body, when he lives against the evolutionary destiny of his life! The divinely perfect evolution becomes more and more comprehensible by means of epigenetics and quantum physics - "God does not die" (v. Albert Einstein).

Your self-perception, your thoughts, your belief in yourself is your creative power! It determines your physical and material being here. Recognize yourself, your potential, which was created in you from birth, live it full of confidence and your cells and your environment are healthy.

Dieter Theodor's biophysical experiments as well as scientific findings confirm this. On this lively evening, which is active as an OkiTalk participant, you can capture your own thoughts about the healing of your body down to the cellular level. You get your idea of the energy, the electrons, the magnetism, the levitation and gravitation, the matter and the life elements water and magnesium in yourself perceiving with your thoughts. Since he cannot show any practical demonstrations on this evening, we recommend that you look at the following contributions in advance:


Dieter Theodor`s first lecture in Vienna on 21.01.2016 was recorded by OkiTalk. Since then he is related to OkiTalk. Many people could heal themselves with the SFR from even the "Oh-so-deadly-CANCER". In his professional implementation of his patented SFR (SchwingFeld-Regeneration), he is enormously blocked. We know that EVERYTHING wants to be ONE. Dieter Theodor recognized that for him guided by the FELD, family, world-political topics from the last century are active, which need the consciousness and above all the redemption, his redemption. His freedom is in immediate danger! Since February 2017 he has been working intensively on these topics in order to continue to live in freedom and to be able to work through his talent.

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Dieter Theodor a.d.F. SCHALL & VOEGELE

Mobile engineering office for bioenergetics

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