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"CETA content unchanged"

The FPÖ defended itself by referring to the improvements achieved in the EU trade agreement with Canada. Walter Obwexer from the Institute for European Law at the University of Innsbruck says it is only a statement attached to the agreement. Although this is part of the agreement, it is not binding. In terms of content, CETA remained unchanged, according to Obwexer.

CETA is dangerous as ever!

The government - and especially the FPÖ - now claims that CETA has "gotten better". Do not be fooled! It is still the same dangerous deal that puts the interests of corporations above those of people and the environment.

Here are the most important nine reasons against CETA:

- CETA creates special claims for corporations

- CETA erodes public services

- CETA restricts political room for maneuver for municipalities

- CETA gives corporations and industrial lobbies more influence over laws

- CETA leverages the precautionary principle

- CETA is a door opener for fracking and tar sands

- CETA leads to even more industrial agriculture

- CETA concerns toothless labor and environmental standards

- CETA has no significant positive economic effects

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