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Citizens reject the United States from Europe

I have already shown you with which outrageous and disparaging methods critics are muzzled. How they are accused of a "nationalistic view", "renationalisation" or even "fundamentalization".

However, that does not help much, because more and more citizens are skeptical about the euro and the EU. This is shown by surveys and social networks. Above all, they do not want a United States of Europe. And the euro is also in purgatory.

The most fatal dysfunction of political elites

Let me tell you, the euro has been and still is the most fatal blundering of political elites in the last 30 years. We should finally abandon the illusion that the euro and Europe are an unalterable condition for the good of Germany. Because we are the only country in Europe that is able to act as a global player.

So - even if I sat down with my opinion in all the nettles: Out of the euro, a reduction of Europe on the geographical term and no community of fate - that could be a way!

Dance around the Euro fetish at the expense of your assets

One reader brought the whole dilemma to a common denominator: "Even today, faced with the catastrophe on the doorstep, the pan-European fanatics who brought us into this danger have still not come to their senses."

And further: "They dance around hooting and pounding their Euro-fetish and crush the savings and retirement provisions of the Germans."

It is exactly like that!

Just no referendum!

What you also conceal, not only from politics, but also from the mainstream media: like the devil the holy water shy the "Euro-fetishists" in this country, a referendum, a referendum.

That's why even the "European thought leader", ex-Federal Finance Minister Schäuble, quickly weighed down one that would decide on the future of the Germans in the EU and the euro. He stayed and is not the only one. The entire political elite, with the possible exception of the AfD, rejects referendums.

Because of the state power emanates from the people

So much for Article 20 of the German Basic Law, which states, among other things: "All state power comes from the people." Referendums remain too risky for politicians, because they can lead to different results than they wish. See the Brexit in the UK.

The elite will continue to adhere to representative democracy, in which it is not the citizens themselves who vote on substantive issues, but the elected representatives of the people.

The elimination of Euro-critical votes

A referendum would still be possible: not legally binding, but politically. This is exemplified, for example, in Switzerland: with pronounced direct democracy, in which citizens are directly involved in political decision-making through popular initiatives and referendums.

However, the eurocritical voice of the people here in Germany is lost in the committees of national and European parliaments.

However, the politicians should not forget one of the sayings of the Israelite King Solomon: "He who shuts his ear from the cries of the poor, is himself not heard when he calls for help."

In the 6th part you will learn how and why it ultimately came to a "Europeanization" of the D-Mark. And who benefited from it and who did not.

Always remember: you have a right to the truth!

Doris Serra

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