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heaven and hell

Heaven and Hell

Are there angels or demons? Millennia believe in a hell and a heaven.

In my novel "World of Anormarlie", the reader dives in a world that plays between earth and the spirit realm.

What are the voices in your head, where does the evil come from? What is the good, is there God and the devil?

In my trilogy, the reader is led bit by bit to a fundamental truth, which brings the ghost realm ever further into the reality of the reader. But I do not want to reveal so much, but so much was said in advance. The battle for sovereignty on earth is the central battle in the spirit realm, so choose wisely who you are opening the door for ...


World of the Anormarlie

Chapter 1

The original sin

When God created man, heaven rejoiced, and God put him on the point of his angels, except Lucifer, the supreme general of the army of God, he incited his subordinates against God and rebelled against God , you were banished and fell to earth. Lucifer swore to take vengeance on God and overthrow Him from His throne and we are in the midst of this fight.

So my little darling, but now is time to sleep.

Mom, can not I help God to win the fight?

Certainly my darling, at some point, if you're tall and strong.

"With bright eyes and a smile on his face, Nimrod closes his eyes.

Your son, be a brave man Noah. "

I would prefer it if He dominated his head more than the sword, the world already has enough warriors.

"With these words, Noah and his wife fell asleep together." When the first rays of sun shone through the wooden window, a loud call tolled in front of Noah's house. "


Honey, outside is a little mob of men.

"Noah quickly put on his red coat and changed his sword belt and walked quickly into the yard of his house with six bumbling men standing in front of his fence, their clothes dirty from the dirt and their hair dry from the dust of the air."

What do you want Gimmri?

In the woods there are no more cattle, the soil is barren, but the Lord has truly blessed you, on your field grows vegetables of different varieties and give seeds, but we are glad when we sight a deer. Many of us have not eaten for days and we wondered if we could take some of your stock?

Gimmri, my stock is just enough for my family, these are tough times where everyone has to take care of themselves.

This was a small reading of my new book (World of Anormarlie) If you're curious about what's next, then read my new series starting today. I will always release a reading sample in small intervals, if necessary, I can also read this, just comment and do not like to forget :)

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