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The masked ball

The masked ball

When I entered the stage and the spotlight fell on me, I again felt the audience's euphoria.

Does not everyone want to be able to stand out from the normal infantry?

We all hunt for attention, in everyday life and at work.

Most are so overgrown with your role that you really believe you to be.

But I know better; You just want to mask your own inadequacy coupled with your dissatisfaction.

Under the mask, however, is nothing except a self-draining black hole that sucks all life energy.

Why are people also addicted to entertainment? Each of you stands on the stage of life and wears his mask Compensating for his suffering.

Someone who has been neglected will want to make you know that he knows God and the world, he will consider himself beautiful and special and look down on others from above, or He will live back and maybe be a bookworm. Ultimately, it depends on our childhood which mask we wear on the masked ball.

This was a short excerpt from my new book (World of Anormarlie)

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