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Call Minnesota next pipeline protest

Winona LaDuke Aktivistin
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She has been fighting the construction of this pipeline for 5 years and is one of the biggest

Activists in the USA.

And again the oil companies do not want to consider the water.

Like in Standing Rock, this time again a holy tomb will be destroyed.

If you have some experience in Indian culture, you know how holy the graves are.

Now the indigenous peoples of North America are calling on the world to assist you as they can, for this time they will not let the US Army drive them out - they will fight.

As I have written before:

100 people give 10 euros and we have joined hands.

I will not beg for money

because you should understand that it is also our business.

They protect what belongs to all of us - the WATER

there's no life without water

without water - our grandchildren will have none left

without water - there is no planet B

We only have this earth and we can thank for it every day

that we still have so much drinking water in our regions,

that we use it to wash our cars.

If you feel that you want to do something for the next generation from the heart,

may transfer support for Henry's project to the following account:

with the subject: SOLAR Henry Minnesota


Native American Academy - Association

Sparkasse of the municipality Egg Austria

IBAN AT57 2060 3000 0105 3396


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