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Kundenprogramm Payback kommt nach Österreich, Datenschützer warnen

Actually, you pay with your data - and have little real benefits From May 3, the customer loyalty program Payback, which was previously active in Germany, comes to Austria. This allows you to accumulate bonus points for several companies at the same time, so that you can collect larger points credits for shopping faster. Data protectors warn that the returns are low and the consumers "pay" for this with their data. Also overlook it slightly cheaper competition. 40 partner companies Payback have more than forty partner companies to start in Austria, the company said on Tuesday in a release. With the company card or app you can collect points from all partners. In addition, there are still coupons and special offers for Payback users. Payback Austria CEO Walter Lukner assures that Payback processes the data in Germany and always evaluates it himself. "Of course, no data is sold and not passed on among the participating partners," it says in the release. The partner companies pay a participation fee, Payback sends targeted advertising. Barely real benefits Bernd Lausecker of VKI said in the ORF "Mittagsjournal" that customers "often have only marginal benefits" namely "a few percent, if there are even several percent." In return, he put his shopping behavior open, so pay with your own data and will "seduced, always in the store shopping". You may not look to the next dealer, which is cheaper. "In the end it may be that he pays anyway." Sensitive data The system, which has been in operation in Germany since 2000, stores all the details of the purchase, ie the goods, the price, the points paid and the place, type and time of payment for every use of the card. From this, Payback derives customer profiles and uses them to send personalized advertising, says Markus Beckedahl, network activist and editor-in-chief of the Network Policy Initiative. Admittedly, advertising will only be sent after the customer has given its consent - without its consent, however, no use is possible. Minimum discount Also large purchases for relatively small reductions are necessary, calculated the "Kölner Stadtanzeiger" in the autumn: At the supermarket chain Rewe give it per two euro purchase a Payback point. A roasting pan of the company WMF costs over the rebate system 9999 points - one must first buy for 19,998 euros with Rewe, in order to purchase this roasting pan. With a large on-line dispatch costs this however only scarcely 95 euro. That would correspond to a discount of about 0.5 percent. (APA, 17.4.2018) -…ich-Datenschuetzer-warnen

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