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The long way home


As an introduction to the topic, I would like to bring a Bible verse.


Numbers 14:33

33 And your children must bear the consequences of your faithlessness. They are to walk through the desert for 40 years as shepherds until the last of you dies in the desert.

If we ignore the fact that the desert was a physical punishment of God to the people of Israel, today it serves as a figurative parable for our state of mind. Although we have no thirst and no heat, our mental state is like a tedious, exhausting, oppressive road through the desert. Constantly searching for an oasis that gives us fresh water, we give ourselves to that mirage that offers us entertainment and allows us to succumb to the illusion of refueling fresh water. Endeavoring to find the right source, we accept everything that quenches our thirst for a moment. Weary and tired of the journey and the constant search for the true and true, we are drying up more and more inwardly, until our cravings become lethargic and grim under the excessive consumption and entertainment, until the day we die. "Let go of your curse Lord and awaken my soul, let me drink from your source to which my spirit is not thirsty, that you are the life, the way and the truth." Amen "This was a small excerpt from my book, I hope you enjoyed it.

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