Our Hearts and the Heart of the Earth want to heal. The Heart of the Earth is connected to the Hearts of the humans.

Kilauea Hawaii Heart Chakra of the natural Earth. Call for Action !!!

Dearest Humans,

what do you feel when you think about hawaii. Most Humans would say Beauty, love etc. Thats why many say it is the Heart chakra of the earth.

we are in critical times right now. Kilauea is still flooding lava sinnce 8 weeks. Reported Cracks on the service of the earth plenty of earthquakes in a lot of regions. They might be artificially triggert. We do not know for shure. But the possability is high.

My Heart is telling me we have to connect to our hearts and unique existence and to the heart of the earth more than ever.

Please, go outside Barefoot touch your Heart and the earth.

At first it is about your recognizing your heart recognizing the natural earths heart means healing will take place by simply recognizing the earths heart and that she is a living being. your heart at the same time Humanitys heart. so please, I almost beg you to start recognizing the natural earths heart and take action.

If you feel like i invite you to join the Truth and Love Heart and Peace Meditation. Every Monday and Friday. There will be a good time to connect to your inner beauty there fore to natural earths beauty. To your inner knowledge and wisdom to go through these challenging times.

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    Wahrheit & Liebe - Herz und Friedensmeditation. - Wir Menschen sind - natürliche - liebende - ewige - souveräne - Schöpferwesen. Willkommen, Mein Name ist Susen May, seit dem Februar 2016 begebe ich mich jeden Tag immer 30 Minuten um 9 Uhr und 21 Uhr in die Stille meines Herzens, meines Geistes / Seele. Hier auf OKi TALK- Montags auf Deutsch und Freitags auf Englisch LIVE entweder um 21 oder 22 Uhr -22.45 Uhr. Die regelmäßige innere Einkehr und Stille, die Verbundenheit mit deinem Herzen, deinem Körper, deiner Seele, schafft eine essenzielle innere Ordnung. Ich begleite Euch in Euren inneren Frieden. Von meinem Herzen zu Eurem. Susen May .

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