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Stinginess is cool

Bread and games have always been a good way to keep the company quiet.

And today? Today, the method has been perfected, television is the most popular pastime, there is everything, acrobats, dancers, Gladiatore and theater. The consumption is kept up and you do not notice how slowly the music runs out in the background.

It keeps the population in a trance, but how exactly does that happen?

Important in a hypnosis are the keywords, you presented the audience finished easily digestible in-formations, the goal is to flood you with information until you have no meaning, until you lose the logical thinking and your consciousness completely under the control of opinion makers stands. What could we do about it? Quite simply watching TV no more, but easier said than done, if you do not stick to the one, you depend on something else, what makes you addicted is not primarily the entertainment, but behave the consumption that memorizes itself ,

So get out of the house and try something new until you find your task, you'll notice how it changes your consciousness when you focus on a task. Write however z.b Article;)

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