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Informationsstrom - freedom of opinion on the test bench.

I start with a quote that should clarify the problem we were dealing with.


Mark Twain

We value people who speak freshly and openly, provided that they mean the same as us.

The powerful have always been afraid that someone could tell the truth and infect others with it.

Then as now, the powerful are really free to free speech, then by threats of violence and repression.

And today? Today we have the freedom of expression that allows everyone to express their opinion in pictures, writing and speech, everything should be fine, is not it? To answer this question, let's take a closer look at the term opinion. Opinion consists of two syllables: my / ung; the self is self-explanatory, the "ung" stands for the source of what is coming, eg heating, control. So the opinion always has a central one from which it can emerge and be disseminated. Next we guess who has the monopoly of opinion in society? Right, the media and public law schools and universities in the country. What is the freedom of expression?



Freedom of expression is a human right and is guaranteed in constitutions as a fundamental right directed against the state authority, in order to prevent that the public opinion formation and the associated confrontation with government and legislation are impaired or even forbidden. Closely related to freedom of expression, freedom of information ensures access to important information, without which critical opinion formation would not be possible. The ban on censorship prevents opinion and information control by government agencies. In contrast to a dictatorship, state power in a democracy is expressly prohibited by the means of preventive information control through censorship.

Freedom of expression is thus a human right, and is guaranteed as a fundamental right against state authority. Sounds great, right?

In plain language, however, it emerges that the state organs, the institutions no longer have control over the formation of opinion and thus subject the people of the country to the ruin and prosperity of a foreign power, which is the state power We ... We want to prevent that the public Opinion formation and the associated confrontation with government and legislation are impaired or even banned. In plain language: If you form an opinion that does not suit the gentlemen, this is impaired or prohibited. So is freedom of expression intended for us, or for those who want to spread your opinion? My dears, this should serve you only as a food for thought, I aim in no way any goals or otherwise. If you want me to give a talk on this topic, then leave me in the comments knowledge.

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