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Information - Overload! - Transformation of confusion and fear.

Information - Overload! - Transformation of confusion and fear by trusting in the power of forgiveness and love for one's own existence the natural creation and the loving creator.

Forgiveness and redemption of the guilt that is generated through the control, stagnation and fear and the excessive abuse of the earth and the people.

Hate, fear, confusion, attack, all that does not help but traumatize us even more.

There are other forces that instead of destroy, transform.

We have been under controled and captured by fear, guilt and confusion on many levels for far too long.

This fear and tension through control keeps us trapped.

We are indirectly involved because we also feel secretly guilty because we live in this abusive system.

Should we forgive ourselves and those who turn away from natural love and choose fear and control consciously or unconsciously?

I recommend no matter what disturbing information reaches you, daily practice always in your inner inherent stability and trust in your values and love, they give you the power to accept, process and understand information.

It is challenging enough to observe without judging, but then we practice inwardly to remain calm.

Instead, when we get absorbed by the pain or confusion of others, we have no room for transforming powers that can turn pain into love.

Our hearts are shining and guiding trough the dark.

We trust in our values and love for natural creation.

From my heart to yours.

Susen May


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    Wahrheit & Liebe - Herz und Friedensmeditation. - Wir Menschen sind - natürliche - liebende - ewige - souveräne - Schöpferwesen. Willkommen, Mein Name ist Susen May, seit dem Februar 2016 begebe ich mich jeden Tag immer 30 Minuten um 9 Uhr und 21 Uhr in die Stille meines Herzens, meines Geistes / Seele. Hier auf OKi TALK- Montags auf Deutsch und Freitags auf Englisch LIVE entweder um 21 oder 22 Uhr -22.45 Uhr. Die regelmäßige innere Einkehr und Stille, die Verbundenheit mit deinem Herzen, deinem Körper, deiner Seele, schafft eine essenzielle innere Ordnung. Ich begleite Euch in Euren inneren Frieden. Von meinem Herzen zu Eurem. Susen May .

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