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All for one and suddenly you are alone ...

[Blocked Image:]The gray everyday life.

It was a sunny day, when I decided to go for a walk, so I strolled towards the Rhine, on the way I quickly got something to drink at the kiosk. The road to the Rhine leads through an old lane, left and right old lifeless buildings, black and white, one like the other. When I arrived, many sat in the lush meadow and let the sun shine down on their heads. I sat on a small hill, where I had a good overview, before me the Rhine, scattered people around left, some looked at your smartphone, they looked so distracted, so depressed. That was only a small part of my everyday life, but I experience the same picture every day, on my way to work, shopping or simply while walking. People are unhappy and I wonder, where does this come from? They all seem to be well nourished, have pretty clothes on their backs and yet a deep depression sits on you. It is not easy to be unhappy, as if you are unhappy when you have too little money or too much stress, it sits deeper. I'll try to explain in this article how I think about it.

It's been taught us from childhood to lead our own lives, to be self-reliant and to look at oneself first before doing something for others. The money system is focused on that, you can only become empire yourself by taking from others, it takes unity and replaces you with attachment, trust is good, but control is better. The same Bspl. is found in schools again, everyone learns the same, there is no individual, or something that does not happen outside the curriculum and if it does, this is quickly as a troublemaker and often gets drug for his hypoactivity. Unified thinking without inner affirmation, so we go to life without any goals of our own and just let ourselves be carried along, driven by money, blinded by the media, no longer own thoughts, a black hole that fills up more and more with malaise and unhappiness. Is there still a chance to get out of this whirlpool? Yes, we slowly notice what is happening to us and look at the facets that bind us. Rene.B by Okitalk

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