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Climate protection worldwide: success only through equal rights

Project objective: Strengthening the role of women, integration of gender and social aspects in the urban climate policy of several pilot cities worldwide

Climate Impacts: An equal society has a better chance of protecting its environment. By integrating social issues such as poverty reduction and gender equality into urban climate policies, cities have a crucial opportunity to improve their climate policies

Project countries: South Africa, Indonesia and India

Funding: € 969,946 under the International Climate Initiative (IKI)

Project partners: GenderCC Southern Africa, Aksi !, Solidaritas Permpuan, All India Women's Conference

Women are particularly likely to die as a result of droughts, floods or heat waves. As long as political and economic power rests with men alone, women find it difficult to adapt to the dramatic environmental changes, says climate activist and feminist Ndivile Mokoena. She works for the GenderCC association, which advocates gender equality in climate protection worldwide. It fights on an international level (UNFCCC climate conferences) as well as in its native South Africa for women being actively involved in projects and climate policy. In Johannesburg, for example, she trains women in urban farming. The sustainable cultivation and marketing methods should not only protect the climate, but also help women to become independent and successful.

A film by Stefan Möhl

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