#Anchor Centers - The hunt for Seehofer

  • #Anchor Centers - The hunt for Seehofer


    The hunt for Seehofer, the assassination of Seehofer, the action of the left against Seehofer and the CSU.

    Watch the demonstration last Sunday in Munich, where the media, the unions and left-wing organizers have organized this incredible reputation murder ...

    The majority of the people probably have no idea what it is about, where the truth lies.

    The quality media beam the people an intolerable untruth in the head and almost nobody has knowledge of the truth.

    The #anchor-Centers

    I just want to mention briefly here that the anchor centers are laid down in the coalition agreement, the coalition agreement has been agreed before Seehofer became interior minister ...


    Here, the CSU was again accused of a kind of character murder ..., the word refugee tourism was used for the first time by the European Commission !!!

    Just for information, so maybe the next hate will take a closer look.


    "We can only alleviate this lying press and incitement to the people when the people know the truth."

    Best regards


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