#make up: Sahra Wagenknecht and her collection movement ...

  • #standup: Sahra Wagenknecht and her collection movement ...

    Left-populist | Right populist


    For me no difference, then look at the demos on the street all the same.

    For the sake of radical thinking both sides have the same switching error ...

    Only with the little difference that left-populists are not only tolerated by our government, but also supported ...

    We were terrorized by left-wing terrorists for decades, as thought provoking ...

    The ideas of the radical left, has anyone ever considered that?

    If not, you should do that to make it clear how hostile this grouping is.

    Now Frau Wagenknecht has called for the creation of a new left-populist #collection movement ...


    Such things ..., just call themselves state terror ...

    Yes, tell me, does anyone here really understand what happens in Germany?

    The #Antifa has come now with the actions of recent years "disrepute" ...., various state authorities now determine, goes up in the upper government organs ..., so, #Antifa is no longer an option for ordinary people ...

    So now is a new movement, a "collection movement" !!! Launched a left-populist movement !!!!!!!!

    Do not people notice, what happens, that society should be divided, that now with this new "collection movement" against "dissenters" in concentrated power by left-populist powers should be proceeded?

    This is unfortunately the beginning of a civil war, you can not put it another way and all the people who are here with you, will have to bear the responsibility ...

    In our history, we clearly have it in mind, at that time all for right-wing populism, today for left-wing populism ... without any great difference, both powers want to destroy the state ..., is it still to be understood?

    But we have a small difference, compared to the earlier time of our history:

    "Yes, I did not know"

    No wrong, this time everyone is to blame, because they knew it ..., enough material to read, whether on the Internet, even in the media, in the past, whether the last 30 years or the last 80 years, everything is read.

    We had a good saying in the past:


    "Imagine we are at war and nobody goes there"

    We renew that:


    "Imagine, the people should be split and nobody does with"

    Ever thought about it?

    Best regards


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