National state law in Israel

  • National state law in Israel

    The new national state law in Israel has been passed.

    You could also start discussing what it means to curtail the rights of other ethnic groups, but that's not what I'm concerned about.

    I just compare the things that are possible with our friends and allies, but in Germany are impossible and / or forbidden for Germans.

    If a group of Germans were to take to the streets for a national state law, the AFD would initiate a national state law in the Parlament, if Seehofer were to initiate a national state law, then the following would happen:

    The insults then go in Germany in the immeasurable, Reich citizens, Nazis, law, right-wing populists, etc. ...

    I would like to test it, as an example on Facebook for a nation state and / or promote a national state law ..., what do you think, how long this post is public to see?


    Israel is mentioned here only as an example, yet it should be noted that Israel has now defined the Israeli language as the main language / national language and has removed a (certain) second official language.

    Even though I'm by no means an AFD fan, I still have to mention that when the AFD in the Parlament wanted to include the German language in our law as the main language, it filed an application, the rest of the Bundestag insulted the AFD as a Nazi in the whole quality media.

    I keep asking myself, where is there a difference?

    Have you ever thought about it?

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