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Kilauea – and Ho oponopono - Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love.

  • Discussion of article Kilauea – and Ho oponopono - Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love.:

    Earth is calling for Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love.

    Traditional Hoʻoponopono is practiced by indigenous Hawaiien healers, often within the extended family by a family member.

    Humans believe that illness usually is caused by sexual misconduct or anger. "If you are angry for two or three days, sickness will come," said one local man. The therapy that counters this sickness is confession. The patient, or a family member, may confess. If no one confesses an error, the patient may die. The Vanuatu people believe that secrecy is what gives power to the illness. When the error is confessed, it no longer has power over the person.

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