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1. of 2 parts: 5G & electrosmog load

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    1. of 2 parts: 5G- & electrosmog load - Die Selbsthilfegruppe Elektrosmog Salzburg. Here is the 2nd part of this 2 part video series:
    ... Peter Mueller & Dipl. Ing. Manfred Hofmeister held on 22. March. 2019 a lecture in the house of the possibilities over these topics: 5G load, electrical load and its effect high sensitivity mobile technology and which is concealed to us everything. Allergy to electrosmog, sleep disorders, bee mortality, all the effects of this. Bad effects on the genetic material of our children? Health risks exist for electrosensitivity, an allergic physical intolerance to certain radio waves and other electrosmog, and their preforms, such as the so-called microwave syndrome, which can manifest itself in headaches or sleep disorders. These have increased by more than 40% since the introduction of smartphones, WLAN & Co! It has been known since 1932 that stray radio radiation can lead to headaches or sleep disorders, but has been deliberately concealed since the profitable introduction of mobile phone technology. There is hardly any warning about the definite cancer-promoting effect of radio radiation on more exposed population groups (e.g. frequent mobile phone users), which has been known since the ECOLOG study in 2000. Extensive information on how the planned more than 10,000 additional antenna and mobile radio transmitters, which may be installed without permission on all public buildings, street lamps, traffic lights, etc., can have an effect, can be found in the lecture on 24 April 2019 in the ABZ, 5020 Sbg.-Itzling, Kirchenstr. 34, Einlass ab 18:00 Uhr. Admission free, voluntary donations for further information work are welcome. Solutions and questions at the end of the lecture! ---***--- 1st speaker: Peter Müller 2nd speaker: Dipl. Ing. Manfred Hofmeister Founder of the group: Erika Gabriel Tel.: (0043)6274-78066 E-Mail: Homepage at the Land Salzburg: ---***--- Contact the venue of this video: In the House of Possibilities. Kirchenstraße 34 5020 Salzburg

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