Freedom of expression, freedom and justice!

The final end of freedom of expression, hidden in "new copyright guidelines" ...

Now it's out, with 15 to 10 votes ..., the European Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee has now adopted the new "Copyright Guidelines".


The outcry suffocates in football fever, in ignorance and inability to act.

The few who notice and know what happens can not suspend and effect anything.

What is this about?

Quite simply, online platforms are now forced to install an upload filter.

Upload filter, what is it?

Well, so-called bots / robots are now used, which search the Internet for text, image, video, etc. and save it in a database.

These bots / robots are machines that can not distinguish who has the copyright on media that can only save ...

The upload filter works now so that if anyone wants to post a content on the Internet, this database is already searched during the posting, if there is a match here.

If a match is found, the posting is prohibited, the content is not published, deleted, automatically ...

This means in reverse, if I post as an example on OKiTALK a text that goes through and I will post a few days later this or similar text on Facebook, I am prohibited, because my text was already recorded in this database ...

I can then process and win against it for months, but meanwhile I can not post my text anymore ...


And it goes even further, in the course of the "new copyright guidelines" is also the citation right has been undermined and much more.

I knew that would happen, it was a logical extension of the new ... DSGVO!

Many webmasters had adapted to the DSVGO, which meant that the alternative media and honest websites could not be muzzled ...

This was a thorn in the side and thus a new tool was created, so that only the lies press and propaganda machinery can do their mischief here, now it seems almost impossible to correct certain "reports", as an example.

But the most important point is that the following "new laws" ... have no legal basis:

  • The Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)
  • EU copyright reform (upload filter and ancillary copyright)

These things are not compliant with freedom of expression and press freedom.

A bad day for Europe, a bad day for the internet ...

But do not worry, there are powers that will ensure that honest information can still be accessed ;-)

If you are more interested in what has now been decided everything, you can inquire quietly in the www.

Please search websites that report honestly, the propaganda machinery whispers just little things in your head, which has nothing to do with the real reality at all ...…sschutzrecht-4087028.html…t-und-Europa-4087651.html

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