DSGVO - Pictures

How can I use images on OKiTALK correctly?

The DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into force ...

I do not comment on the meaning here, I just want to briefly show via video clip how it works on OKiTALK.

First, I want to explain how, why ... that is, it's about pictures being shared.

It should be noted that foreign images from 25 May may not be shared just like that.

We website operators make us (OKiTALK) punishable if we allow a member to share foreign images (copyright).

It is impossible for OKiTALK to check all images shared by our members ...

So we had to find a way to remove the responsibility of OKiTALK.

Unfortunately, the only solution is to transfer the responsibility of the shared images to the user.

This means that the shared images are the responsibility of the user, as the user first has to download the image he wants to share onto his own computer.

Then the user can upload the picture to his own upload center on OKiTALK and link it via BB code.

Here we have to point out that the user has to see for himself which images he loads on his PC and / or here on his own picture server ...!

We are very sorry that we have to take such steps, but there is no other way, please excuse me ...

Here is a guide how you can still share pictures.

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