Why disable ad blocking on OKiTALK?

Hello Guest / Member,

As most of you know, OKiTALK is an association.

Among other things, we finance ourselves through donations.

In return for a donation, we offer the option of displaying a link to a donor's website on OKiTALK.

That has worked pretty well so far.

Due to the further development of the ad blocker browser plugins, the fade-ins of our donor web pages are now not visible.

That's not so great.

Therefore we ask the visitors as well as the members of OKiTALK to deactivate the browser plugin for the website of OKiTALK.

This is quite easy, just look at the top of the plugin on the right side, click on it and deactivate the service for the OKiTALK website.

Another problem with these ad blocking plugins is that it prevents interactive content as well as interactive notifications.

In order to be able to use OKiTALK in full, we ask you to deactivate the ad blocker for OKiTALK.

OKiTALK will never have aggressive ads. Actually, ad blocker plugins should protect against that, but in today's versions of such plugins, content that is not related to aggressive ads is also blocked.


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